Miscellaneous Studies in English

msie1 Miscellaneous Studies in English.

Vol 1                   Ostrowiec 2008r.

  1. Communicative Competence – Achilles’ heel of English language     students and teachers – Marta Dobrowolska – Wesołowska
  2. “This is the key to the kingdom” -exploiting drama- based activities in the English language classroom  – Marta Dobrowolska – Wesołowska
  3. Teaching British and American literature – problems and solutions. The case study of the students of English Teacher Training College in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski – Paweł Kaptur
  4. Phonetic reduction of vowels in rapid speech – Tomasz Wolski
msie2 Miscellaneous Studies in English.

Vol 2                   Ostrowiec 2009r.

  1. Piercing Verity: in pursuit of meaning in Thomas Pynchon’s The Crying Of Lot 49 – Paweł Wojtas
  2. Thomas More’s Utopia and Oliver Cromwell’s Commonwealth – a utopian background for Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travel – Paweł Kaptur
  3. A bull in  a china shop, as faithful  as a dog– some remarks on the symbolism of mammals in world cultures - Małgorzata Górecka-Smolińska
  4. Overstatement and understatement as means of manipulation – defining the terms – Joanna Tofil
  5. The roots of comic book superheroes – Paweł Hamera

Miscellaneous Studies in English.

Vol 3                   Ostrowiec 2010r.

  1. The Picture of Ireland in the Penny Magazine – Paweł Hamera
  2. From Collision to Connection: Humans in a Mechanised World in Crash and Pattern Recognition – Joanna Tocher
  3. The (M)other Langwidge: Poetics of Translation on the Basis of Witold Gombrowicz’s Ferdydurke and James Joyce’s Ulysses – Paweł Wojtas
  4. Rendering  Style In Translation – A Case Study Of Ryszard Kapuściński’s Cesarz  in English – Małgorzata Skóra
  5. In Memory of Prof. Roman Dyboski – the Father of English Studies in Poland – Paweł Kaptur